Why read?

I find that one of the pleasures of reading is that it can open you to the perspectives of other people and in so doing I can catch a view of a world that is different from your own. Characters in a book can be like friends you have never met, they can console or give advice. I find there is nothing better than finding a character in a book that I can identify aspects of myself with and then share an exploration of their life as if it were my own. I read to travel in the space of other peoples minds.
Steve Dublanica,in his book “Waiter” has this wonderful, pithy quote that sums it up for me:
“The world’s a big place. You can’t do or be everything, nor should you. Life is bigger than any one man. But when you read about other people’s lives, when you read their stories, you catch a glimpse of a world bigger than your own. You may never travel a hundred miles from where you were born, but if you read stories, you’ll get to see the entire world.”

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