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Many online atheists claim that atheism is simple a position of non-belief. I argue that such a position rests on a confusion of what principles of belief formation to accept and that the academic definition of atheism as a position of positive disbelief, or assertion that gods do not exist is preferable. Continue reading

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Male Circumcision – Why “No” to illegalisation?

Brief Synopsis: The German court in Cologne has recently made circumcision in Cologne illegal. This has led to surgeons being worried and ceasing to perform such operations for non-medical reasons. It has also led to religious minorities feeling alienated and … Continue reading

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Circumcision morality

Brief synopsis: Male circumcision has been brought to the media and public spot light after a 4 year old boy from Turkish (Muslim) parents had to take him back to hospital because of repeated bleeding. The hospital decided to report … Continue reading

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